Ayurveda Psychology Program for Practitioners

Ayurvedic Training Program for Advance Learner of Ayurveda

Dear Friends,

We are very interested to start 300 Hours Ayurveda Psychology Program for Practitioners. This program is to be launched on 1st of July 2013.

What “Ayurveda Psychology Program” is about?

This program introduces you with the use of Ayurveda – in its holistic and integral nature – for the natural management of human psychology. You will gain understanding of the concepts, their applied knowledge for benefiting yourself and your clients.

Who will be the suitable for “Ayurveda Psychology Program”?

This is not a beginners program or basic program of Ayurveda. It will be best suitable for students who have undergone serious study of basics of Ayurveda either from books, tapes, seminars or other course.

It is not essential that you have gone through Certified Ayurveda course.

Also, various practitioners – from medical doctors, to counselors to massage therapist to herbalist, TCM experts, Yoga Therapist to other members of holistic, natural, alternative, medical and Yoga community – will find it a valuable for enhancing their practice and benefiting the health of their clients.

What will be duration of this program? How will it be conducted?

“Ayurveda Psychology Program” will be 300 Hours of Education. The program is divided into 10 Modules each having about 5-6 Core Units. Each Core Unit will be about 5-6 hours of education.

Each Core Unit will include…

  1. Mind Map: 15-30 Minutes (to download and reflect the big idea)
  2. Core Training 60-75 Minutes – Interactive Online Video (Can be viewed more than one time)
  3. 2 Self-Assessment Quiz: 30 Minutes (Can be taken many times)
  4. 2 or More Articles: 30 Minutes
  5. Personal Live Help from Mentor: 15 Minutes (Either 1 60 minutes session per month or 2 30 minutes session twice  a week)
  6. Group Conference: 60 Minutes for QnA and Doubt clearing Sessions
  7. Final Test: 30 Questions Online Quiz: 30 Minutes (will be taken only once)
  8. One Core Training Assignment: 60 Minutes to be completed by yourself and submitted online

Other Supportive Features of Each Core Unit:

  1. Online Forum (Mentored)
  2. FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Glossary
  4. Related Videos
  5. Related Articles and Links
  6. Core Unit Wiki
  7. And More…

APP will be completely ONLINE. You don’t have to move to any location. All you need to have is Internet and PC or Mac.

You need to devote 5-6 hours a week to complete this program in 1 year and 10 hours a week to complete in 6 months.

The duration of this program will be 6-12 months.

Will  “Ayurveda Psychology Program” be Accredited Program?

Yes, Holistic Herbalist – the parent company of Ayurveda Mentor – is fully authorized Organization by Government of India to conduct Ayurveda and Yoga Training programs.

Will I Get Certificate for “Ayurveda Psychology Program”?

You will a certificate after successfully completing a module automatically. At the completion of the program, you will get a Printed Certificate from Holistic Herbalist. Additionally, we are working with one of the Ayurveda Vocational Training Institute and you will get a Certificate from that Organization as well.

Can I get Board Certified in my Country after completing “Ayurveda Psychology Program”?

As far as we know, there is no licensing authority in USA and Europe that gives permission to practice Ayurveda even to Qualified Ayurvedic doctors from India. I have my personal experience in more than 6 European countries and USA.

However, there are certain Boards or Organization that represent standardization of Ayurveda education. NAMA and AAPNA are two such bodies in USA. They do recognize our programs and you will be able to join them.

We will come up with more information about such organizations on a global level and tying up with them.

What kind of Practice can I do after completing “Ayurveda Psychology Program”?

As this is a practitioners program, there might be good chance that you are already some kind of practitioner or pursuing to become one. As Ayurveda practitioner, you would be able to…

  1. have detailed Ayurvedic Body Mind Type Consultations
  2. Suggest and Guide your clients about Diet and Lifestyle
  3. Can guide them in their Yoga practice
  4. Can guide them about Yoga, Meditation and other allied practices
  5. Can Earn More by selling your Hourly Consulting Services
  6. Can recommend herbs and herbal formulas that will be beneficial for them
  7. Can devise Customized program for your client based upon the wide exposure that you will get with us
  8. Can provide natural management to persons with real health issues
  9. Can conduct your seminar or workshop

Practically, you can come up with dozens of bright ideas earn more by enhancing the lives of your clients in holistic and natural manner.

And of course, you can collaborate with us open up new vistas of business and great work in your country or location.

Yes, I am interested in “Ayurveda Psychology Program”! What should I do now!

That’s great! You can contact us via this page or call us at +91-9711133682

Kind Regards,
Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar
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