Ayurveda Practitioner’s Programs

Dear Would-Be and Current CAM Practitioners and Medical Doctors,

Currently, we are focused on Personal Health and Wellness Mentoring Programs. We are fully equipped with technical and human resources for developing best of breed Practitioners Programs.

It would be really great if you suggest what topic you would be interested in, and what you would like to enroll as a student of Ayurveda discipline.

Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda

Our main Practitioner’s Program – HOLISTIC HERBALIST – will be comprehensive and all inclusive. It will have several big and small modules. Some of them are…

  1. Basic Principles of Ayurveda
  2. Ayurvedic Anatomy
  3. Ayurvedic Physiology
  4. Ayurvedic Pathology
  5. Marma Therapy
  6. Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis
  7. Ayurvedic Herbs
  8. Ayurvedic Herbal Formulas
  9. Ayurveda Minerals – Safe for Western Audience
  10. Understanding Principles Behind Use of Metals in Some Ayurveda Products
  11. Ayurvedic Medicine
  12. Surgery in Ayurveda
  13. Ayurveda for Children and Kids
  14. Ayurveda and Immunity
  15. Ayurveda for Stress Management
  16. Sexual and Reproductive Wellbeing with Ayurveda
  17. Digestive Wellbeing
  18. Ayurveda and Geriatrics
  19. Autoimmune Disorders in Ayurveda
  20. Panchakarma Therapy
  21. Ayurvedic Massage Therapy
  22. Preventive Ayurveda
  23. Culinary Ayurveda

Simply, share your views and you could win the entire program at a great discount, or entirely free.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar