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Benefit of Turmeric or Curcuminoids for Arthritis and Joints Pain

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This Ayurveda video is about benefit and use of Turmeric powder for natural joints pain relief. Turmeric contains Curcuminoids as its biologically active phytonutrient.

I explained in this video that Turmeric powder is good as natural home remedy for mild joints or muscles pain. It can be taken as powder or in milk.

However, remember that it can’t replace good herbal supplements that contain the concentrated form Curcuminoids, no matter how much turmeric powder you eat.

And If you will tend to overeat turmeric powder, against my advice, you might have some minor side effects like burning in stomach and urine etc. Watch this video for more details… Continue reading

Queries Regarding Adulteration of Herbal Products with Steroids, Painkillers and Medical Drugs

Hello Friends,

I replied the personal health query and received this message…

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your reply. I’m indebted to you.

I’ve just one question; although I don’t doubt your craft & knowledge, but due to so many ‘fly-by-night’ operators who have made ayurveda/herbal treatments infamous by resorting to steroids in their administrations; do your medicines have any steriods? I pray that you please don’t take me otherwise, but I want to go into all treatments with my eyes open.

Many thanks & regards

Rajiv Agrawal

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Getting Guidance in The Face of Doubt, Confusion and Indecision

Hi Friends,

I know that all of us have times of doubt, confusion and indecision in our life. Most of these instances are insignificant. For example, which shirt to buy, which accessory to choose for a particular outfit.

But some instances or situations possess greater significance in our lives. These decisions have the power to change the direction of our lives whether for good or bad.

One of the major decisions of my life had been… Continue reading


The Yogic Secret of Manifestation – 55 Minute Video in Hindi

Hi Friends!

I have these website up for more than two years. Many of my clients and students access the material through a private area. I wanted to write for an open audience and created – “From the Desk of My Mind and Heart”.

And I wanted to contribute something that is truly significant for you.

I know Swami Paramananda  few years back, about 7-8 years. He is a very normal person and monk of very humble profile. At the same time, I have found him possessing great practical wisdom of Yoga, Meditation and Mantras. It is but natural for any sincere Yogi. Continue reading