Ayurveda for Geriatric Wellbeing!

With Gratitude for Contributions of Seniors - Aging with Grace

Ayurveda Mentor firmly believes that "Aging" is a natural process of the human life cycle. At the same time, it has been the message of Ayurveda and Vedic wisdom,

"Let us Hear for 100 Years, Let us See for 100 Years, Let us Speak for 100 Years....."

Ancient Ayurveda included "Rasayana" (Rejuvenation) as one of the 8 specializations. Dr. Vikram Aditya invite Seniors (age 50 and above) to join this series of Webinar / Zoom Meetings that will address the specific issues of different age groups. 

Vedic system of Family mentions the age of 1-25 to be focused on learning skills, 26-50 focused on family and social contributions, 51-75 as social contribution based upon one's knowledge and expertise, 76 and above solely focused upon spiritually focused lives. Though, all four phases go side by side in each of the phase.

In this program "Aging with Grace", I will cover...

  1. Prostrate Health
  2. Joints, Bones, Movement and Flexibility
  3. Digestive Wellbeing
  4. Cardiovascular Wellbeing
  5. Metabolic Health
  6. Sleep, Memory, Health of Nervous System
  7. Pulmonary Wellbeing
  8. Rejuvenation and Detox