Programs for Personal Wellbeing to Overcome Chronic Disorders & Enhance Positive Wellbeing

These training programs are intended for persons who want to adopt Ayurveda in their lives to...

  • Lead Healthy Life & Experience Positive Wellbeing
  • Overcome Chronic Disorders implementing Ayurveda Wisdom in their Life along with / without Accompanying Ayurvedic / Natural Treatment
  • Prevent specific health issues based upon their body mind types, occupation, gender, age and lifestyle

Yogic Breathing Exercise 2 Heal & Cure

Ayurveda & Yoga acknowledges the underlying capability of disciplined breathing to unleash the intrinsic healing ability of body and mind that would lead to cure.

Imbibe the Ancient Wisdom in just 10-15 minutes a day over 4 weeks of blended learning - videos and live webinars & personal sessions.

Outcome: Ability to Personalize the breathing exercise of Yoga for your body mind type and health issues. 

Learning Time: 10-15 minutes daily for over 4 weeks 

Time Required for Practice: 5 - 15 minutes once or twice a day

Duration of Program: Over 4 Weeks

Recommended for both Health persons and those who have chronic health issues.

Not Suitable For: Students seeking certification program for Yoga Breathing Exercise.

Contraindications: None, you need to sit comfortably and erect and should be able to breathe naturally without feeling exertion.

Equipment: None, only some calm place indoor 

Yoga Postures 2 Heal & Cure 

Ayurveda,  Yoga and medical research emphasizes the Yoga postures for enhancing flexibility, muscular and bone health, stamina, endurance and strength, including rehabilitation after accidents & surgery.

You will be amazed to include the personalized practice to cover entire body in your daily or weekly schedule of exercise. 

Outcome: Personalize and master your schedule of essential Yoga postures exercising whole body.

Learning Time: 10-20 minutes a day for over 4 weeks 

Time Required for Practice: 15-30 minutes once to twice a day; or at least 3-5 times a week

Duration of Program: Over 4 Weeks

Recommended for:  Persons who desire to master a personalized Yoga Practice Schedule.

You might need to discuss your condition earlier with medical reports, for more personalized or entirely personalized program.

  • Any person desiring better health, flexibility and strength, and a variety in their fitness or exercise routine
  • Any one having chronic joints or muscle pain, backache or pain in neck, nerve pains, limitation / restriction in movements
  • Especially 40 + who surely need to have more flexibility and desire to keep away chronic joints or muscles problems
  • Persons with Autoimmune or Chronic Disorders under 2 Heal & Cure Programs
  • Persons who need to be their Yoga Practice under Qualified Medical Supervision, considering their age, health, symptoms and disease

Not Suitable for: Students seeking Yoga Postures Certification Program

Contraindications: 2-3 weeks after Surgery, Pregnancy, Recent Damage / Prolapse of Intervertebral disc, Health Issues requiring acute or immediate relief

Equipment: None, only some calm place indoor and mat / carpet / yoga mat or soft and firm floor

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