Programs for Personal Wellbeing to Overcome Chronic Disorders & Enhance Positive Wellbeing

These training programs are intended for persons who want to adopt Ayurveda and Yoga in their lives to...

  • Lead Healthy Life & Experience Positive Wellbeing
  • Overcome Chronic Disorders implementing Ayurveda & Yoga Wisdom in their Life along with / without Accompanying Ayurvedic / Natural Treatment
  • Prevent specific health issues based upon their body mind types, occupation, gender, age and lifestyle

"Embrace Ayurveda & Yoga" is the flagship health and wellness coaching based upon Ayurveda, Yoga, Modern Psychology and Neuroscientific and behavioral research. 

This is a dedicated 6 to 12 months training that asks your involvement about 90 minutes each week. It is completely live training offered once or twice a year.

As it is going on round the year, you can request to join 4 sessions without any commitment whatsoever.

It is simply the best of the practical wisdom that is distilled and condensed after working with thousands of clients globally, with over 20+ years of clinical experience, health and wellness training and coaching.

Healing Breath is the Yoga Breathwork Implementation program that makes you understand, feel inspired and motivated, to adopt The Ancient Yoga Breathing Training / Practices in your daily life.

You simply begin to feel vibrant peace and health right from first week and will be able to speed up the process of recovery, healing and cure of chronic disorders / autoimmune disorders along with Ayurvedic treatment.

It is the result of over 35 years of personal dedicated practice and over 24 years of clinically implementation of Yoga Breathwork.

Since 2012, I am working regularly with hundreds of persons who have IBDs (Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease) and Celiac Disease.

This training is based upon "2 Heal n Cure" program, especially modified for IBDs. 

Presently, only clients who are receiving Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar, can join it at a very nominal charges.

Currently, IBDs Holistic & Natural Management is restricted to Clients receiving Ayurvedic Treatment or those enrolled in 2 Heal n Cure Program!

Aging with Grace - Geriatric Wellbeing with Ayurveda

This is the live training via Webinar and Interaction for over 24 weeks that covers all the the important topics of Seniors and Elderly Men and Women. The recordings will be available.

These topics are of great value for prevention as well as holistic & natural intervention in the form of herbs, diet and lifestyle.

Yogic Breathing Exercise 2 Heal & Cure

Ayurveda & Yoga acknowledges the underlying capability of disciplined breathing to unleash the intrinsic healing ability of body and mind that would lead to cure.

Imbibe the Ancient Wisdom in just 10-15 minutes a day over 4 weeks of blended learning - videos and live webinars & personal sessions.

Outcome: Ability to Personalize the breathing exercise of Yoga for your body mind type and health issues. 

Learning Time: 10-15 minutes daily for over 4 weeks 

Time Required for Practice: 5 - 15 minutes once or twice a day

Duration of Program: Over 4 Weeks

Recommended for both Health persons and those who have chronic health issues.

Not Suitable For: Students seeking certification program for Yoga Breathing Exercise.

Contraindications: None, you need to sit comfortably and erect and should be able to breathe naturally without feeling exertion.

Equipment: None, only some calm place indoor 

Yoga Postures 2 Heal & Cure  - Upcoming!

Ayurveda,  Yoga and medical research emphasizes the Yoga postures for enhancing flexibility, muscular and bone health, stamina, endurance and strength, including rehabilitation after accidents & surgery.

You will be amazed to include the personalized practice to cover entire body in your daily or weekly schedule of exercise. 

Outcome: Personalize and master your schedule of essential Yoga postures exercising whole body.

Learning Time: 10-20 minutes a day for over 4 weeks 

Time Required for Practice: 15-30 minutes once to twice a day; or at least 3-5 times a week

Duration of Program: Over 4 Weeks

Recommended for:  Persons who desire to master a personalized Yoga Practice Schedule.

You might need to discuss your condition earlier with medical reports, for more personalized or entirely personalized program.

  • Any person desiring better health, flexibility and strength, and a variety in their fitness or exercise routine
  • Any one having chronic joints or muscle pain, backache or pain in neck, nerve pains, limitation / restriction in movements
  • Especially 40 + who surely need to have more flexibility and desire to keep away chronic joints or muscles problems
  • Persons with Autoimmune or Chronic Disorders under 2 Heal & Cure Programs
  • Persons who need to be their Yoga Practice under Qualified Medical Supervision, considering their age, health, symptoms and disease

Not Suitable for: Students seeking Yoga Postures Certification Program

Contraindications: 2-3 weeks after Surgery, Pregnancy, Recent Damage / Prolapse of Intervertebral disc, Health Issues requiring acute or immediate relief

Equipment: None, only some calm place indoor and mat / carpet / yoga mat or soft and firm floor

To be Announced