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Hello & Welcome to Ayurveda Mentor!

Warm Greetings from Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar!

I am an Ayurveda doctor from India, founder and director of Holistic Herbalist, Ayurvedic Herbalist and Ayurveda Mentor. 

We are committed and proud of to bringing better health and greater wellbeing into Your Life through Ayurveda, the ancient system of holistic and natural wellness. 

we  cover Ayurveda pretty holistically...

Personal Wellness Programs

Ayurvedic health and wellness training is for You if you want to achieve better health or overcome some disease. This helps you to imbibe Ayurveda wisdom practically into your diet and lifestyle and helps to speed up the intrinsic healing and curing power of body and mind.

Practitioner's Programs

The two group of Practitioner's program - one comprehensive and holistic training and second for advanced and specialized subjects help you learn Ayurveda easily, through a mix of online training, one to one and group online coaching & webinar calls, and offline sessions, if required.

Free Ayurvedic Training

Free is Mostly Welcome! But when it is something that enhances the quality of health and empowers life, then, I would also persuade you, advocate strongly to jump in and Start Learning. Many gifts await Personal Wellbeing seekers & Practitioners or Students of Ayurveda

Quality Herbs

Holistic Herbalist is manufacturer and exporter of world class safe & effective Herbal Supplements and Natural products based upon Ayurveda herbs.

Ayurvedic  Treatment

If you need natural treatment and management of chronic health issues or simply need to enhance health, this personalized service is here.

One to One Sessions

Take the opportunity to be Mentored by Ayurveda Mentor, Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar, available for personal wellbeing, and for practitioner's program or topics.

Some Random Samples of Videos by Ayurveda Mentor...