Ayurvedic Training Programs for Practitioners

Ayurveda Mentor is delighted to announce its online Ayurveda training programs for practitioners. These are indepth program provide one of the finest experience of learning Ayurvedic concepts and practices with Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar and other mentors.

Holistic Herbalist

This is going to be the most comprehensive program available with us and available online. The entire curriculum comprise of 24 Sections. 

Each of these sections are independent courses and training programs and are grouped based upon different subject matter.​

Ayurveda Psychology Program

“Ayurveda Psychology Program”  introduces you with the use of Ayurveda – in its holistic and integral nature – for the natural management of human psychology and mind health.

You will gain understanding of the concepts, their applied knowledge for benefiting yourself and your clients.

Ayurvedic Herbalism

Ayurvedic Herbalism introduces with identification of herbs and their morphology in a brief manner. The main emphasis is upon learning about herbs the original and classical Ayurveda way.

The first part is introduces the basic concepts of Ayurvedic Herbalism, the second and main section deals with primary Ayurvedic herbs, and the final section with supportive, secondary and less used Ayurvedic herbs.