Embrace Ayurveda & Yoga - Online & Live Training

Are you suffering with any Chronic Disease / Autoimmune Disorders? Learn how to heal and cure chronic disorders with Ayurveda and Yoga using holistic and natural means?

If your answer is 'YES', then, this is one of the best place for you to be.

As a board certified Ayurvedic physician and having over 21 years of clinical experience, consulting over several thousand persons in India, and over a dozen countries in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, I came across two principal advice.

For healing and curing Chronic / Autoimmune disorders, majority of persons start with medical drugs, some of them also start Ayurvedic herbal treatment. This is one aspect of how you can heal and cure chronic disorders / Autoimmune disorders. I offer the service of Ayurvedic Consultation / Ayurvedic Treatment on a one on one basis. Most persons - to the tune of over 90% - got real benefit out of it. 

But this is hardly 50%, sometimes less than what could be done to heal and cure Chronic Disorders / Autoimmune disorders! And this alone is not THE BEST WAY, not THE MOST OPTIMAL OR SYNERGISTIC WAY to deal with chronic, progressive and degenerative disorders.

If you are able to UNDERSTAND & IMPLEMENT the wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga and Nurition in your daily life, that can be the 2nd 50% that is left over.

"2 Heal n Cure" program offers this 2nd aspect in one of the best, practical and interactive manner. You are invited to experience this....

  1. Weekly 75 to 90 Minutes of Live Online Training via Webinar / Meeting
  2. Laser Sharp focus one aspect Each Week
  3. Question and Answer about this Focus Topic
  4. Review 
  5. Online Program throughout the Year
  6. Ability to go through the Recordings and more

2 Heal n Cure is one of the PRIMARY FOCUS of my life in 2021 and it is already going into 16th week (29th Aug 2021). It helps you learn, understand and implement...

  1. Ayurveda Body Mind Type - Body Type, Mind Type, Sleep Type, Bowel Type and Other Scoring Methodology 24 Weeks
  2. Diet and Lifestyle based upon Ayurveda
  3. Covering Every aspect - Daily & Seasonal Routines, Cooking, Eating Behaviors, Nutrition, Home Remedies
  4. Attacking upon and Reversing the Pathogenesis with Diet and Lifestyle
  5. Yoga Breathwork Implementation for Healing and Cure - 12 Weeks
  6. Mind Body Modalities - 12 Weeks

Everything that I am teaching you here is my first hand experience in the battlefield of treatment and management of Chronic disorders / Autoimmune disorders. No disjointed theory. A well integrated, fluid and practical experience, offering you flexibility and freedom in adoption. 

Are you dedicated to support and focus upon your health and wellbeing for 1 Year?

If Yes, I invite you to Join this program and get the taste one of the finest of offerings of Ayurveda, Yoga and Nutrition wisdom for your better health and greater happiness. You will find yourself moving toward recovery, healing and cure.

Remember, there are many countries where we can't send herbs due to diverse and weird regulations. It is fine even if you are getting Ayurvedic / Natural / Functional Medicine treatment plus medical treatment from any of the amazing doctors in your country. But there is no EXCUSE / ALTERNATIVE to adopting the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga in a practical manner.

I invite you to give a try to "2 Heal n Cure" for a period of 4 weeks as my guest and friend.

If you resonate with it, find it beneficial, fine, you can move ahead with full training. In this way, I am giving you the experience of this training, the opportunity to QUALIFY / REJECT ME as your Potential Mentor and Guide on the journey of health and wellbeing that all of us are on...