Yoga Breathwork Training Healing Breath

Yoga Breathwork Training Program Helps You to Experience Positive Wellbeing, Speed Up Recovery, Healing and Cure of Chronic Disorders / Autoimmune Disorders

Healing Breath is the Yoga Breathwork training that makes you understand, feel inspired and motivated, to adopt The Ancient Yoga Breathing Practices, also known as Yoga Pranayama Breathing Practice  in your daily life.

You simply begin to feel vibrant peace and health right from first week and will be able to speed up the process of recovery, healing and cure of chronic disorders / autoimmune disorders along with Ayurvedic treatment.

It is the result of over 35 years of personal dedicated practice and over 24 years of clinically implementation of Yoga Breathwork.

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English Version: Unit 1
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12 Modules spread over 12 Weeks; 90 minutes per week

Understanding & Practice go here Hand in Hand

Be Coached to Internalize the Practice

Consideration of Your Specific Health Condition

Live Session Round the Year, Plus Immediate Start

Distilled Essence of Over 35 Years of Practice

Condensed Wisdom of Working with Hundreds of Clients

A Synergy of Ancient and Modern Understanding

Yoga Breathwork Training Modules & Units

Unit 1: Start with Don't and Dos. Adopt the Right Posture of Starting the Practice.

Unit 2: Yoga secret to Balance the 2 Primary Energy Channels.

Unit 3: Learn to differentiate why a Specific breathing route is to be followed.

Unit 4: The dynamics of Deeper and Fuller breathing is a must.

Unit 5: The final Important criteria for practicing the foundation of Yoga breathing.

Unit 6: Subduing the Mind chatter is a must to reap the benefits of Yoga breathing.

Unit 7: Shift the energy levels conducive to Deeper state of mind with Shifting Focus.

Unit 8: Breathing with Intent rightly culminates the First Big Step of Yoga Breathing.