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Getting Guidance in The Face of Doubt, Confusion and Indecision

Hi Friends,

I know that all of us have times of doubt, confusion and indecision in our life. Most of these instances are insignificant. For example, which shirt to buy, which accessory to choose for a particular outfit.

But some instances or situations possess greater significance in our lives. These decisions have the power to change the direction of our lives whether for good or bad.

One of the major decisions of my life had been…

  1. Choosing Biology in Intermediate school so that I could become a health practitioner (1990)
  2. Getting admission in Ayurveda college (1994)
  3. Choosing life partner (2000)
  4. Switching 7 years clinical practice and relocating to Delhi NCR from a town (2007)
  5. Starting my business in 2011 – Holistic Herbalist Pvt. Ltd. – in 2011 after staying in a cool job for 4 years

Naturally, the fifth one – starting the business was one of the major decision in my life. I tried to be as analytical, as imaginative as I could be. Still until you plunge out from the bandwagon of a 9-6 grind, and start on your own, you have not decided.

I share one little joke with my friends about this…

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There were four rats or cats (whatever you like) sitting on wooden log floating in a pond. They discussed a lot about jumping in water and swimming and moving to land.

Finally, one of them ushered all courage and decided to jump.

Can you tell me how many of the rats are still there in the pond?

Most probably, you might answer – three and would think of this as absolutely right.

No friends, this is wrong answer.

There are still 4 rats sitting on the log and floating in the pond!

Actually, there is whole world of difference in ‘deciding to jump’ and to ‘actually jump’!

Yes, you will now feel that I seem to be right.

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So, back in 2011, for several months, I was swinging between ‘deciding to jump’ and ‘actually jumped’. In India, it is actually a tough decision to make than compared to Western World. And I had a wonderful wife and two school going kids to support.

During one morning,  I was strolling the neighbourhood park. After few rounds of small park, I sat down on the bench facing east and looking at sunrise.

I asked God silently within the depth of my heart, “God, will it be OK for me to leave the job and start on my own? Please give me a direct signal that it would be easy and smooth for me!”

Within 1-2 minutes, I saw a young boy – must be 4-6 years and belonging to a family of household workers – coming toward a Climber and Slide in the park. It should be 7-8 feet in height.

The little boy climbed the steps and glided down the slide. That’s just OK.

Then, he climbed again and glided down with head down and legs up. I was initially concerned to see this. Naturally, there was nobody from his family to take care if anything might have gone wrong. Apparently, the boy had no training for this.

And it could end up having serious injury to head, neck or spine.

Fortunately, he did this more than a dozen times with great confidence and skill in next 5-10 minutes.

I had a flash of inspiration and insight, “If this small boy can do this, that could be highly risky, Why can’t I do the business that I am better equipped with to deal and in a less risky condition? I have funds, knowledge, experience, passion, supportive wife and kids, writing skills for health market, experience of online marketing and It is less risky for me to ‘actually jump’ than what this boy is really doing here.”

I thanked GOD and got the confidence to move up. Actually, I shot the little video of this boy doing this with my mobile. May be this video might be my proof for getting answer from Nature or GOD.

I will try to find that video and share with you if possible.

I have the opportunity to get answers for my pressing problems or situations several times in life. I will share other instances with you as well.

I want you – FRIENDS – to try out this method and seek guidance from GOD or Nature or Existence. Believe me that you will be get the answer, become inspired, motivated, moved and supported in life.

Of course, God will also play with you, sometimes, it won’t be that much easy to get the answer, or the answer won’t be acceptable to you, or won’t be understood. But it is worth trying!

Please share your experiences as well.

For Your Better Health & Greater Happiness!
Now and Always!
Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar

Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar

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