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I have these website up for more than two years. Many of my clients and students access the material through a private area. I wanted to write for an open audience and created – “From the Desk of My Mind and Heart”.

And I wanted to contribute something that is truly significant for you.

I know Swami Paramananda  few years back, about 7-8 years. He is a very normal person and monk of very humble profile. At the same time, I have found him possessing great practical wisdom of Yoga, Meditation and Mantras. It is but natural for any sincere Yogi.

Again, he is very friendly and you don’t find trace of egoistic nature in him. Above all, he shares deeper truths in a very simple manner.

I am deeply interested in Yoga and modern self-help section of material. I do have hundreds of books and scores of online training programs.

Yet, I found this casual discussion with Swamji pointing toward new way of dealing with the subject of Manifestation. I believe, and have kept this belief throughout my life, that if any sincere Yogi is open to share about Manifestation that would be the best that we can get anywhere.

Even though, most Yogis prefer to advance in spiritual practice and want to keep away from material stuffs and worldly pursuits, they are laser focused and have a lot to share and guide us.

I want you to go through this video…

Length is about 55 minutes…and I managed it to have small size of just 80 mb and you would be able to enjoy on lesser capacity broadband.

I have a good community of friends and clients all over the world. The majority of them is English speaking and Non-Hindi guys. I am sorry for Non-Hindi guys as this video is in Hindi language.

I do have few expectations from you…

  1. Please share your feedback about the topic.
  2. Tell me if you have difficulty in viewing this file. If your internet connection is decent and you are able to play general you tube video, this will work great. In this condition, if you are not able to view it properly, I will put this file on CDN.
  3. If you have difficulty in playing you tube video then, your internet is actually slow.

Finally, you are welcome to extend your goodwill, support and patronage for our businesses, that give me and our team resources, time and money to great stuff such as this one. You can find them on the left navigation under “Our Other Resources”.

Thanks and Regards,
Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar

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  1. It is very good & Knowledgeable Information.It is same knowledge as a Vipassana Meditation as taught by late S.N. Goenka Guruji,their based is Dhammagiri Nr.Nasik Maharashtra .Originally it is discover by Lord Buddha.
    I am really appreciate you work to fight disease by Medicine or by Meditation,This clip is very useful for those people who really don’t known about important of Spirituality and power of mind,also some people misguided about Religion and Spirituality.
    I hats off to you about your work, wish you best luck of your future work.
    Mahendra Thombare.

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