Ayurvedic Natural Body Detoxification for Preventing Disorders and Improving Health


Ayurvedic Body Detoxification can be done at home in a natural manner by using some herbs and modification in diet.

Natural Body Detoxification happens through bowel movement, urine, sweating and breathing process in our body. But we are introducing lots of toxins in our body through various foods and drinks and through environment.

It is essential to get rid of toxins to improve health and to get rid of chronic health issues.

The Ayurvedic Natural Body Detox and Colon Cleanse is a must if you have some chronic health issues. This detoxification process actually compounds the healing benefits of other herbs.

Give a Try to and Use Ayur Shodhan for having Ayurvedic Natural Body Detox and Colon Cleanse.

This specific Ayurvedic Body Detox formula is developed by Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar and contains these herbs…

1. Haritaki or Terminalia chebula
2. Aragwadha or Purging Cassia
3. Aloe vera
4. Amla or Indian Gooseberry
5. Vibhitaki or Belleric Myrobalan
6. Ginger
7. Rose Petals
8. Ajowan

The beauty of this Ayurveda Body Detox is its being…

  1. Safe and Natural
  2. Doesn’t contain Harsh herbs
  3. Can be taken daily
  4. Acts as a adjuvant herbal therapy in all chronic health issues.

Get more information about Natural Ayurvedic Body Detox here…

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