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Chew Food Properly

How The Ayurvedic Eating Rule of Chewing Food Properly can Enhance Immunity, Digestive and Mind Health

Chew Food Properly - This eating behavior is endorsed in Ayurveda as Eating Rules and it is great for digestive health, immunity and mind health.

Modern Science validates Ayurveda suggested eating behavior, time and again....It is good for body, digestion, mind health....And it prevents the impact of Aging on Brain as well.

While working upon Yoga Breathwork Implementation Program Version 3.0, I came across a wonderful research. I felt COMPELLED to share it with you...

In the domain of Yoga and Spirituality, it was Shri Maharishi Aurobindo (Arvind in Hindi), who stated one very significant fact about Yoga...

All Life is Yoga.

Shri Aurobindo

Chew Food Properly

It is a very simple statement. And it is very PROFOUND.

Generally, we think that we do meditate or do some Yoga posture and that is all about Yoga.

Yoga is something that affects our entirety. Our entire day can be Yoga if we truly aspire and discipline ourselves to make your life so.

When we say 'Holistic Nature of Life or Wellbeing or Health', we are not able to INTERNALIZE this concept and make it our own.

This is clearly reflected in this research published in...

Gerodontology, 2021 Jun;38(2):126-135.

Healthy Chewing is associated with Healthy Cognitive Wellbeing.

Earlier, we think that Healthy or Appropriate chewing is good for digestion. We could stretch it further to Gut Health.

One truth of aging process is declining cognitive (mental) health. It can start as early as 40 years of age as forgetful and could get worse after 60s and could lead to Alzeheimers Disease (Irreversible loss of functioning of brain, affecting cognition, mental and emotional wellbeing).

Researchers found that if we CHEW FOOD PROPERLY, this act (Proper Chewing) results in the activation of masticatory muscles and proper mastication. It can be done with natural teeth or dental prosthesis.

It induces the release of several mediators and the activation of specific brain areas. Together, they result in higher neuronal activity, neurotrophic support, blood flow and the prevention of amyloid-beta plaque formation.

Thus, all the components of the masticatory system (CHEWING FOOD) work together in order to preserve cognitive function.

In my Humble but Firm view, this is an EXCELLECT EXAMPLE of Holistic Nature of Life and Health. We are a connected whole.

Ayurvedic Sages have suggested PROPER CHEWING to be one of the eating behaviors. And we can see now that it is good for digestion, metabolism, detox and even for mind health.

Take Home Point: Chew Food Properly. Enjoy the Food Mindfully, without distraction. And it will be one of the pillars for good health, now and for rest of your life.

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About the Research Reference:

Oral health and healthy chewing for healthy cognitive ageing: A comprehensive narrative review.

Lucia Lopez-Chaichio, Miguel Padial-Molina, Francisco O'Valle, Jose Antonio Gil-Montoya, Andres Catena, Pablo Galindo-Moreno


1) Department of Oral Surgery and Implant Dentistry, School of Dentistry, University of Granada, Granada, Spain.

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PMID: 33179281

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