Sleep and Autoimmune Disease

Role of Quality of Sleep in Autoimmune Disorders

Deprivation of Sleep and Autoimmune Disease triggering, their healing and cure is directly proportional. Inside Embrace Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness training, I prioritize having good quality of sleep in management of autoimmune / chronic disorders.

Video: Quality of Sleep & Autoimmune Disease Management (Contains Subtitles)

Inside EMBRACE AYURVEDA & YOGA (Previously 2 HealnCure) wellness training and coaching program, I started with SOUND SLEEP as the first practical module after introduction and fundamentals.

That program has many participants who had IBDs - Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

It was intriguing for many why this important, comprehensive and long term training started with SOUND SLEEP module. It was simply my idea or thought of doing it this way. Especially, clients with IBDs or other disorders that are not related directly with Sleep has this query, whether it is really relevant for them to implement this wisdom or not.

Out of my study and experience, I found that improving QUALITY of SLEEP should be the first logical step in holistic management of chronic disorders / autoimmune disorders. It is during sleep that many repair and cleansing and settling work happens inside entire body, especially brain, immune system and digestive system.

Now, there is ONE STUDY supporting my idea and it is directly done on IBDs.

Very humbly, I say it time and again,


Actually, I had another idea on top of it. I desired to start with SOUND SLEEP as the initial module in EMBRACE AYURVEDA & YOGA (Previously 2 HealnCure) wellness training and coaching program. My intention was to build upon it using the wisdom of "Conscious Relaxation" plus "Other Intensive Mind Body Modalities or Meditative Practices"

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Sleep and Autoimmune Disease

Sleep and Autoimmune Disease

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