International Yoga Day Webinar

Ayurveda & Yoga Sharing the Common, Complimentary & Synergistic Foundation & Framework

During International Yoga Day Webinar, Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar explained concepts of Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga and how they share the foundational framework with Ayurveda.

Hello and Namaste!

I believe that life should have great focus on some key essentials. And Yoga is definitely one of these...

Most of us greet each other on Yoga day. 

All of us should embrace the Yoga wisdom and practice in our daily life.

Video: International Yoga Day Webinar      Language: English + Italian

The International Yoga Day have been very busy as there had been two webinars - one on Ayurveda and another on Yoga and Ayurveda - both for Italian community, friends and business associate.

This webinar on Ayurveda and Yoga had been on very short notice. I received a call, moved from daily meditation schedule, open laptop and set camera and we started. 

Less than 5 minutes. I was alone and could not set the camera at right angle.

It has to be planned to be a collaboration of some community member and Ministry of Tourism, Milan, Italy.

It is the edited version of 60 minutes long webinar.


Adopt Ayurveda and Yoga in Your Daily Life!

For Your Better Health & Greater Happiness!

Now and Always!

Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar

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