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This Ayurveda video is about benefit and use of Turmeric powder for natural joints pain relief. Turmeric contains Curcuminoids as its biologically active phytonutrient.

I explained in this video that Turmeric powder is good as natural home remedy for mild joints or muscles pain. It can be taken as powder or in milk.

However, remember that it can’t replace good herbal supplements that contain the concentrated form Curcuminoids, no matter how much turmeric powder you eat.

And If you will tend to overeat turmeric powder, against my advice, you might have some minor side effects like burning in stomach and urine etc. Watch this video for more details…

My Healthy Joints:

My Healthy Joints is one of the herbal supplements formulated by Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar and manufactured and exported by Holistic Herbalist. You can get more info of My Health Joints here…

It contains the most prominent and effective Ayurvedic herbs for natural pain relief, joints pain and arthritis natural Ayurvedic treatment in one single tablet.

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