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Your Queries and my Reply section contains FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions and other queries that we get across from our visitors, clients, practitioners and business associates.
I, Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar, like to use this section of the website for open communication and dialogue with you.
For Your Better Health & Greater Happiness!
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Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar

Can Guggul or Its Extract Have Side Effects for a Healthy Person?

Hello Friend,

One of my client and good friend, Bruno Jean from France, put this query. His son took My Colon Health and got great benefit in Ulcerative colitis. He has used many other products from us.

In 2016, He had a query about Ayur 50+ – the herbal supplement for prostate health. This product has Guggul Extract. Bruno found that Guggul also has other benefits like lowering high blood cholesterol, helping to shed extra, undesired fat and pounds off your body.

His query had been – If I am taking Ayur 50+ for prostate health and my cholesterol level and weight is already normal. Will taking Guggul in Ayur 50+ for prostate health put me on risk such as lowering my cholesterol and making me lean and thin?

I replied his query in this video… Continue reading

What are the 5 Golden Rules of Exercise for Joints Wellbeing? Hindi Video

Hello Friend!

You always think that exercise is good and its two main pupose are…

  1. Improving Flexibility to move around
  2. Enhancing the strength of muscles and bones
  3. Helping with proper blood circulation, bringing in more oxygen and food, and taking away waste materials

However, persons – who have Joints Pain or any kind of arthritis, or muscle ache or stiffness – need to take some caution even when doing simple exercise for flexibility.

I am sharing 5 of these most important considerations in Hindi language in this video. Continue reading

What is Holistic and Natural Wellbeing from Ayurvedic Perspective?

Hello Friend!

Very often, I see Ayurveda as having two facets or as two sides of the coin. I call these two facets as Holistic and Natural Wellbeing.

By Natural Wellbeing, I mean using herbs to treat and manage various health issues naturally and to utilize these for improving health.

InsideĀ Holistic Wellbeing, I put the wisdom of Ayurveda as it relates to you – the body mind type, food, diet, nutrition, daily and seasonal regime, exercise, lifestyle and meditation etc.

I tried to explain the two facets of Ayurveda with You in this Video. Continue reading

Benefit of Turmeric or Curcuminoids for Arthritis and Joints Pain

Hello and Yellow Welcome!

This Ayurveda video is about benefit and use of Turmeric powder for natural joints pain relief. Turmeric contains Curcuminoids as its biologically active phytonutrient.

I explained in this video that Turmeric powder is good as natural home remedy for mild joints or muscles pain. It can be taken as powder or in milk.

However, remember that it can’t replace good herbal supplements that contain the concentrated form Curcuminoids, no matter how much turmeric powder you eat.

And If you will tend to overeat turmeric powder, against my advice, you might have some minor side effects like burning in stomach and urine etc. Watch this video for more details… Continue reading

Queries Regarding Adulteration of Herbal Products with Steroids, Painkillers and Medical Drugs

Hello Friends,

I replied the personal health query and received this message…

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your reply. I’m indebted to you.

I’ve just one question; although I don’t doubt your craft & knowledge, but due to so many ‘fly-by-night’ operators who have made ayurveda/herbal treatments infamous by resorting to steroids in their administrations; do your medicines have any steriods? I pray that you please don’t take me otherwise, but I want to go into all treatments with my eyes open.

Many thanks & regards

Rajiv Agrawal

Continue reading