Can Guggul or Its Extract Have Side Effects for a Healthy Person?

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One of my client and good friend, Bruno Jean from France, put this query. His son took My Colon Health and got great benefit in Ulcerative colitis. He has used many other products from us.

In 2016, He had a query about Ayur 50+ – the herbal supplement for prostate health. This product has Guggul Extract. Bruno found that Guggul also has other benefits like lowering high blood cholesterol, helping to shed extra, undesired fat and pounds off your body.

His query had been – If I am taking Ayur 50+ for prostate health and my cholesterol level and weight is already normal. Will taking Guggul in Ayur 50+ for prostate health put me on risk such as lowering my cholesterol and making me lean and thin?

I replied his query in this video…

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