Yoga Breathwork Techniques - Overview

General Nature of Yoga Breathwork (Pranayama Breathing) Practices

Yoga Breathwork techniques are part of the Ancient Ashtanga Yoga (8 stepped Yoga system) and Hatha Yoga practices. 

Yoga breathing practices have inputs from both systems provide health benefits when practiced regularly. The Pranayama Breathing practices help to enhance better health of body and mind. When a person is trying to overcome or heal a chronic disorder / autoimmune disease, then these practice provide great results along with proper Ayurvedic or natural treatment and / or medical treatment.

Video in English: Yoga Breathwork Techniques (Pranyama Breathing Practices): 12 Minutes

Yoga Breathwork Implementation Program is dedicated flagship training by Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar for learning Yoga breathing practices. You will be able to customize these practices according to your Ayurveda body mind type, age, health condition or disorder.

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